101 Secrets For Your Twenties


I’ve always been really skeptical of articles or books that have titles that include the word “secrets” and a number afterwards. Articles like: “10 secrets of Super-Happy Couples” Or “10 secrets to flawless skin” or “10 secrets to success” or “20 secrets for the perfect wedding”. Most of these articles are full of bull crap that is fluffed up by so-called professionals and “experts” that just want to get read or published or rich.

But even with my cynicism of “secrets” and articles and books of lists that I always thought existed for the sole purpose of stealing your money and being used as really awesome kindling, I somehow got this book “101 Secrets for Your Twenties” and read the whole thing, did not burn it, and actually want to give it to every friend I have.

I’ve been reading Paul’s blog “All Groan Up” for about a year now (I recommend this greatly if you’ve never stopped by) and I guess knowing Paul and his writing before made me trust that this wasn’t like all those other books and articles full of the “secrets” to life. Paul’s article “21 Secrets for Your 20’s” started the yearning for more words of wisdom with the perfect amount of humor. This guy wasn’t writing to get rich. He is writing because he’s been there and he wants others to learn from what he learned.

101 Secrets for Your Twenties will now be my new go-to gift for high school graduates, college graduates, and all my twenty-something friends who have birthdays coming up (I guess you know what you’re getting now huh?).

Secret 6

Some of the secrets that Paul writes about are some that I’ve been struggling with for a while. #6 is kinda like that. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that this is one that I seem to struggle with over and over again. I know from experience that life has never looked like it’s “supposed to” and I’m learning from others that it never will.

The fact is, I could probably write an entire blog post on almost every single one of these “secrets” in this book and I’m not even 21 years old yet. Sure, I haven’t hit my quarter life crisis yet, and I might still cringe when I hear someone refer to me as an “adult”, but there is still a good amount of wisdom in this book that I can see plainly on the page. As for the rest of it, I think that I will soon see it’s wisdom as I keep growing into growing up. This book is one that will be read at least every year for the next ten years. It’s a book that will be grabbed off the shelf often. It will be one that is referred to in times of struggle and panic and crisis. It is one that will be underlined and highlights and copied and printed and pasted on the wall and the mirror and the fridge. I think as twenty-somethings we need to be more honest with the world and each other and reveal that we don’t have it all figured out. And as #32 says: we are not alone.

Other favorite secrets: #19, #25, #33, #50, #60, #68, #71, #80, #87, and many many more.

To get a taste of the book, read Paul Angone’s article 21 Secrets for your 20’s if you haven’t already.

Paul Angone is an author, speaker, storyteller, humorist, and the creator of AllGroanUp.com – a place for those asking “What now?” His article “21 Secrets for your 20s,” on which this book is based, has been read by nearly a million people in 190 countries. Paul studied at Westmont College and then received his Master’s degree at Azusa Pacific University. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two beautiful girls.

You can purchase 101 Secrets For Your Twenties here. And I really, really hope you do.

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